Smart Automation Solutions

From the Commercial Building to the classroom, the living room to the boardroom, Green Net Design (GND) offers the industry's leading automation platform that delivers a complete and fully integrated solution.

GND is committed to bringing our customers best-in-class products and solutions that offer superior performance, with world-class service and support. Our team of product experts works to ensure that everything from system design and integration, to installation works the first time and every time you use our products. With GND’s Smart Automation Solutions, no more problems and worries. Your house and your building will finally become what you have always wished for, and your dream comes true.

Featuring a progressive approach to seamlessly connect advanced technologies and sub-systems, Our Smart Automationsystems are sold and installed globally within residentialproperties and commercial buildings

Residential solutions

Smart lighting

Lighting control provides comfort and convenience in your home. Personalized control allows you to create the ideal setting for any room, at any time of the day. Save energy through the use of dimmers and automated settings. Shading solutions allow total control of lighting in your home.

Smart climate

Most of heating and cooling systems can be controlled by Smart Climate Control System, anywhere in the house or from anywhere in the world.

Smart security

Smart Security System combines perimeter security and video surveillance with fire, water and smoke detection, and offers Smart Alerts and Smart Fire Alarms that turn off HVAC and turn on hallway and exterior lighting.

Smart entertainment system

As a part of smart home you be able to control the entire audio and video system through one interface. A Multi-room audio/video system allows you to listen and watch to your favourite music and movie anywhere in your home.

Outlets and appliances control

With Smart home there is no need to be worried if you forgot to close the garage door, turn off the café maker and..,etc when you left home. You will be able to check your home appliances and turn them off or on even when you are away.

Commercial solutions

Smart lighting

In today's green, energy and cost conscious society, LED lighting is becoming the technology of choice in buildings, from homes and businesses to major municipal and industrial structures.

Smart climate

Workplace temperature, humidity, air quality and movement, noise levels and levels of natural and artificial light – they’re all important, determining factors when it comes to employee health, wellness, comfort and productivity.

Smart parking

On a daily basis, 30% of the traffic in large towns is linked to finding a parking space and it takes an average of 8 minutes to find one. This causes not only a waste of time and fuel for drivers looking for parking, but it also contributes to additional waste of time and fuel for other drivers as a result of traffic congestion..