Commercial Solutions

A smart building is one that achieves significant energy savings by taking advantage of improved technology and materials in terms of structure, appliances, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVACR. Buildings are becoming smarter through the deployment of intelligent and energy efficient technologies that reduce energy consumption while making buildings easier to manage and operate.

Demand for efficient HVAC and lighting systems, as well as other types of hardware like controls and submeters, is growing as the value proposition for energy efficiency is proven again and again. In addition, advances in software for building energy management systems (BEMS) as well as for building design (through building information modeling, or BIM) are making it easier to design and maintain high performance buildings.
Ideally, a smart building also includes advanced control systems that connect some of these elements to optimize savings.

Smart Lighting, Shading and Climate control are three bases of Smart Commercial building solution which can save energy, money and make the environment more comfortable.

Green Net Design offers best in class smart building solutions for all commercial markets such as;

Shopping Centers








Arenas, Stadiums




Auto showrooms

Commercial solutions

Smart lighting

In today's green, energy and cost conscious society, LED lighting is becoming the technology of choice in buildings, from homes and businesses to major municipal and industrial structures.

Smart climate

Workplace temperature, humidity, air quality and movement, noise levels and levels of natural and artificial light – they’re all important, determining factors when it comes to employee health, wellness, comfort and productivity.

Smart parking

On a daily basis, 30% of the traffic in large towns is linked to finding a parking space and it takes an average of 8 minutes to find one. This causes not only a waste of time and fuel for drivers looking for parking, but it also contributes to additional waste of time and fuel for other drivers as a result of traffic congestion..