Smart lighting

Smart lighting

Smart Lighting

In today's green, energy and cost conscious society, LED lighting is becoming the technology of choice in buildings, from homes and businesses to major municipal and industrial structures. For indoor and outdoor lighting applications, the advantages of LED technology have now begun to outweigh the fact that the installation costs of traditional incandescent or fluorescent devices remains lower.

The key LED advantages include the ability to control lighting zones, to dim lighting levels, to turn lights on the instant they are required, and to combine with sensors for occupancy detection, to name a few. The LED evangelists’ message of reduced lifetime operating costs through lower energy use, and easier, cheaper maintenance is beginning to filter through to building managers and consumers. Additional benefits, such as improved safety, security, and comfort are also proving to be increasingly persuasive.

Intelligent LED lights are a part of our Smart Lighting solution. Intelligent LED light has a detector and It can control the brightness of defined environment from 0 to 100%. With programming the smart LED lights you will be able to save lots of electrical energy in commercial building such as hospitals, schools, governmental building, hotels, etc.
Green Net Design offers best in class smart LED lights for all commercial markets such as;

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