About us

Green Net Design Inc (GND) is a Canadian entity managed by a group of engineers & professionals. GND is a leading provider of home and commercial automation solutions.Founding in 2005, originally as a consultant firm for provision of variety services related to Security, Network Analysis and  Design, andhas grown later into a full service engineering, consulting, Home Automation, Senior Health monitoring and procurement group operating worldwide. Its clients range from mid size to large Enterprises and Public sector.

Green Net Design Inc (GND) is engaged in consulting, design and implementation of a wide range ofSmart Home Automation Solutions and Services to private and public sectors around the world. Our engineering teams are located in Toronto, Canada, and getting benefit from the expertise of a large group of other affiliates and professionals in the North America. We understand that choice of Alliance Partners is absolutely critical to the overall strategy of the organization. Having extensive knowledge of the industry, GND has formed partnership with best of best vendors in their field to create a comprehensive service offering for GND customers. As a result, customers will receive the best of breed solutions from world-class organizations, with design and implementation by GND.

Green Net Design Inc (GND) is able to carry out consulting, design, implementation and supply of equipment for a variety of related projects, either as upgrading, modernization and/or turnkey projects to meet the client’s needs by being innovative and flexible. We are dedicated to uphold the principles of professional excellence, quality, integrity and continuous challenge for improvement.

Green Net Design Inc (GND) provides a complete suite of integrated solutions that has defined the modern age of smart home and commercial automation.
Combining this past and present experience to create technological advancements, quality product and processes, and first-rate customer service,GNDhas emerged as a leading provider of smart home and commercial automation.