Residential Solutions

Smart Home is often used to explain the use of remote or automatic control of devices around the home. Our smart home solutions provide quick and easy access to all electronic home systems including lighting/shading, heating/cooling, security surveillance systems, access control, appliances, music, HD television, DVD libraries and much more.

Home automation is quickly making its way to the buildings and homes expanding the technology with new ways to control multi-media home entertainment systems, automated yard watering as well as preset scenes for light dimmers and music, to help you quickly switch between relaxation, dinner and social event settings. Control of your house can be accomplished in many different ways.  In the home, you can use in-wall touch screens, hand held remote controls, and wireless tablets. From outside the home, you can control all aspects of your house via a computer or smart phone.

With GND residential Smart Homesolutions, homeowners are empowered to reduce their energy usage during peak demand periods, which saves them money and helps prevent blackouts or brownouts.

Residential solutions

Smart lighting

Lighting control provides comfort and convenience in your home. Personalized control allows you to create the ideal setting for any room, at any time of the day. Save energy through the use of dimmers and automated settings. Shading solutions allow total control of lighting in your home.

Smart climate

Most of heating and cooling systems can be controlled by Smart Climate Control System, anywhere in the house or from anywhere in the world.

Smart security

Smart Security System combines perimeter security and video surveillance with fire, water and smoke detection, and offers Smart Alerts and Smart Fire Alarms that turn off HVAC and turn on hallway and exterior lighting.

Smart entertainment system

As a part of smart home you be able to control the entire audio and video system through one interface. A Multi-room audio/video system allows you to listen and watch to your favourite music and movie anywhere in your home.

Outlets and appliances control

With Smart home there is no need to be worried if you forgot to close the garage door, turn off the café maker and..,etc when you left home. You will be able to check your home appliances and turn them off or on even when you are away.