Smart lights

Smart LED lighting systems are usually usingĀ  for commercial building, offices, underground garages and other places that need to be lighten for long hours like parking lots, underground passages, corridors, stairs, factories, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, banks, etc.

Smart LED lights can save more 40% than normal LED lights with the same rated power. With the help of latest technology, smart LED lights usually keep on standby mode (10% of energy consumption). Once a person moves to the area the build-in motion detector of nearest light A turn it on. light A will come up to full brightness immediately and send a wireless signal to light B in a given group, then light B will also light up to 100% brightness, .., etc. All lights will turn back to standby mode in 30 seconds (adjustable) after the person pass the area. Each lamp is an independent unit in the whole system.

Green Net Design provides comfortable and green lighting products. You can manage hundreds of smart lights with a remote control. You can decide the quantity of lamps in each group to meet your requirements.

Advantages of Smart LED Lighting System

  • 40% more energy-saving then normal LED lights.
  • Smart sensor meets the requirements of security in the dark night.
  • Automatic sensor reduces operating cost for your 24 hours lighting facility.
  • Easy installation and less maintenance.