GHSD-800Z Universal Z-Wave Sensor Bridge

GHSD-800Z Universal Z-Wave Sensor Bridge


The GHSD-800Z, a multi-channel universal Z-Wave sensor bridge, is a module which allows any traditional sensor with digital output to work with wireless network. This device utilizes the advantage for traditional sensors, which are reliable, cost-effective, and with lots of choices. On the other hand, it brings flexibility of wireless connection for easy installation. The GHSD-800Z provides up to 2-channels. Associated with control gateway, the device can be controlled anywhere and trigger scenarios.


  • Supports Z-Wave 2-way mesh networking, RF range up to 30m indoors
  • Provides up to 2-channel sensors
  • Connects with any traditional sensor with digital output to enable wireless control
  • With built-in EEPROM, which can log sensor historical data or acting as Z-Wave controller
  • Supports 7.5-24V wide range DC input
  • Easy to install and associate with Z-Wave host controller or Z-Wave device
  • Also acts as Z-Wave repeater for mesh network
  • Low cost, low profile


DC Input


Digital Input

2 (dry contact, wet contact 3.6V max)

Power Consumption


Dimension (PCBA)


RF Frequency

US: 9.6kbps: 908.42 MHz, 40kbps: 908.40 MHz

EU: 9.6kbps: 868.42 MHz, 40kbps: 868.40 MHz

Signal Coding

9.6kbps: Manchester Encoded

40kbps: NRZ


Indoor: 30 meters line of sight, in unobstructed environment

Outdoor: 60 meters line of sight

GHSD-800Z Universal Z-Wave Sensor Bridge