GNDS-9603MF wireless switch

Wireless switch, three PVC touch


Technical Specifications

Working voltage

Type A: AC100-130V, 50/60HZ

Type B: AC180-240V, 50/60Hz

Operating frequency 315MHz
Load power 3-200W (resistive load)
Appearance size
  • Type A: American Standard
    Assembled Height (In Inches)    4.5
    Assembled Width (In Inches)    2.75
  • Type B: European Standards
    Assembled Height (In mm)    86
    Assembled Width (In mm)    86
RF receiving sensitivity -105dBm
Rating power
less than 1100 Watt
Environment humidity less than 80% RH
Working temperature 0 degree to 60 degree
Distance of RF range 30m inside a house, 100m without barrier