GHSC-200 is a networked Scenario Hub for homeowners to control their houses from anywhere.  It is designed to be smoothly integrated with a variety of home systems such as lighting, thermostat, door access, window blinds, security monitoring, A/V equipment, and more.  With the GHSC-200, homeowners can easily control home systems, arrange home scenarios, or get event notifications, by simply clicking a button.  For customer installers, the GHSC-200 can be applied to the following solutions:

  • Green Home
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Advanced Home Automation

In addition to connecting hardwired components, the GHSC-200 is deployed with wireless RF technologies such as Z-Wave, so that no extensive interior rewiring/remodeling is needed during the installation of the GHSC-200 and its peripheral devices.  Accordingly, homeowners can start from a basic package and expand the investments as requirements grow, or they can easily modify/change device locations and/or configurations, thereby minimizing total cost of ownership and extending the lifecycle for their systems.  The GHSC-200 can work with a number of scenario controllers or devices such as sensor, switch, dimmer, HVAC, in-wall controller, remote, power meter, etc.  Custom installers and homeowners have multiple choices to design their home control solutions by integrating the GHSC-200 with its peripherals as well as those from 3rd party vendors.

For ease-of-use, the GHSC-200 provides flexible software architecture which greatly simplify device management, scenario editing, and user interface (UI) presentation.  The flexible UIs facilitate both device configuration and operation, making the GHSC-200 easy to use across platforms such as PC, web, touch screen, TV, mobile phone, remote, as well as keypad.  Homeowners, in most cases without sophisticated technology background, can enjoy the features of GHSC-200 by its pre-configured settings which trigger individual scenarios, or by simply clicking customizable buttons on scenario key pad, remote, or device UIs.

Features & Benefits

  • Smartly control home systems, e.g. lighting, thermostat, door access, drapery, security monitoring, A/V equipment, etc.
  • Support multiple protocols, such as IP, Z-Wave, RF, IR
  • Universal IR remote control with built-in IR database and IR learning
  • Full integration with various wired input/output and serial connections
  • Control via PC, touch screen, mobile phone, keypad, remote, etc.
  • Easy to associate with Green Net Design peripherals and an array of 3rd party devices
  • Powerful web-based tool to facilitate scenario editing
  • User interface can be easily customized to fit user’s preference
  • From anywhere via Internet, user can receive event notifications, trigger scenarios, or control individual system




Flash 128MB Flash
 LAN  10/100M
 USB  USB 2.0 High Speed

 4x 3.5mm Mono Phone Jack for IR Extension Cable

 Relay  2x Relay Outputs, for On/Off and Up/Down Control
  Pluggable Terminal Blocks
 Digital Input

3x Digital Inputs with DC Power Source

 Pluggable Terminal Blocks
 Digital Output  5x Digital Outputs, Pluggable Terminal Blocks
 Serial  RS-232
 Reset  For Factory Default and Power Reset
 Antenna   For Z-Wave

DC Power Jack

Wireless Communications 1

Protocol Z-Wave 2-Way Mesh Networking
Frequency 908.42MHz (US), 868.42MHz (Europe, China)
Range Up to 100ft Indoor Line of Sight, No Obstructive Environment
Wireless Communications 2
 Frequency  433.92MHz TX/RX

Up to 100ft Indoor

 LED Indications 
 Power  Device On/Off
 LAN  10/100M and Network Status
 Status  Service Connection

Event Notification       

 IR  IR Transmission
Ext. Power Adapter

12V, 1.25A

 Operational  0°C to 40°C
 Storage  -20°C to 70°C

5% to 95% Non-Condensing   

Protection Degree


Dimensions & Weight
 Product Size (WxHxD)  300mm x 55mm x 206mm
 Product Weight  
 CE, FCC, Z-Wave