GHSK-250Z Z-Wave IR Controller

GHSK-250Z Z-Wave IR Controller

The GHSK-250Z is a Z-Wave IR control station. As an IR repeater it receives RF commands and translates them into IR signals through internal IR transmitter or IR extension cable (GHSK-10). As a scene controller it arranges scenarios for lighting, AV system, projector screen, window shades, thermostat, etc.

The GHSK-250Z has built-in IR database for audio/video system. Also the GHSK-250Z supports IR code learning for A/V and HVAC systems.

The GHSK-250Z acts as a repeater in the Z-Wave mesh network. Functioning as a bridge for communication, it will automatically forward Z-Wave commands to their destinations if the originating controller is out of range from the destination node.

Features & Benefits

  • Receives RF commands and transmits IR signals, either by internal IR transmitter, or IR emitter cable (GHSK-10)
  • Embedded with IR database for A/V system
  • Supports IR code learning for A/V and HVAC systems
  • RiteONTM technology which auto detects equipment on/off status by connecting with the power detector, so as to assign the exactly correct IR command pre-defined by scenario
  • When acting as a host controller, arranges scenarios for lighting, AV system, projector screen, window shades, thermostat
  • Supports Z-Wave 2-way mesh networking, RF range up to 30m indoor line-of-sight
  • Easy to install and associate with the Z-Wave host controller or peripheral devices



Wireless Communication

Protocol Z-Wave 2-Way Mesh Networking
Frequency 908.42MHz (US), 868.42MHz (Europe), 921.42 (Australia)

Range Up to 100ft Indoor Line of Sight, in Unobstructed Environment


Frequency 32-500KHz, Compatible for All IR Equipments
Internal IR Transmitter 6 pcs IR LEDs for 270° transmission, 4m range
IR Extension Via HSK-10 IR Extension Cable

External IR Blaster Via HSK-12 IR Blaster Cable


Power 3.5mm Power Jack

IR Extension Cable 3.5mm Mono Phone Jack

IR Blaster Cable 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack
 Power Input
Operational 0°C to 45°C
Storage -20°C to 60°C
Humidity 10% to 85% Non-Condensing
Protection Degree Indoor

Program button for Device Inclusion/Exclusion & Association

 LED Indication
Power Device Power on/off Indication

Status Device Status


Power Supply 7.5-24V DC

System Requirements

Installed Green net Design Scenario Gateway (e.g. GHSC-48)
 Dimensions & Weight
Product Size 98x71x27mm

Product Weight 250g


CE, FCC, Z-Wave

GHSK-250Z Z-Wave IR Controller