GHSM-200Z Motor Controller                                               

The GHSM-200Z is a Z-Wave enabled device which allows you to control an AC motor. It can also connect with your existing shutter switch for local UP/DOWN control.

Features & Benefits

  •  Supports Z-Wave 2-way mesh network, RF range up to 15m indoors
  •  Wirelessly controls the UP/DOWN motion of an AC Motor
  •  Can work with legacy shutter switch for local control
  •  Also functions as a repeater to extend the RF Coverage
  •  Easy to install and associate with Z-Wave host controller or Z-Wave device


Wireless Communication

Protocol Z-Wave 2-Way Mesh Networking
Frequency 908.42MHz (US), 868.42MHz (Europe), 921.42 (Australia)

Range Up to 15 meters Indoor

Transmitting Power: 0dB


Operational 0C to 40C
Humidity 10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Protection Degree Indoor
LED Indication

LED Color Red

LED Trigger Device Status

Plug in

1/hp maximum output

Electrical Rating 120VAC, 60HZ (US); 220VAC, 50Hz (Europe), 230-240V, 50Hz (Australia)

Dimensions & Weight

Product Size 52x49x18.5mm